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Business Consultant

A little Bit About Me


I love marketing, web design and helping people with their organization. Put simply, I love to help people with their problems and make things better.


I am currently pursuing my MBA and regulary attend seminars and lectures on various topics. I read about 1-2 books a week.


Websites, marketing campaigns, promotion material, furniture, relationships, videos. I love to make useful things  in across mediums.


I speak English and Japanese and spent 8 years living and working in Japan. I am currently seeing how quickly I can learn Spanish.


A marketer,  and entreprenuer, a website designer, an international student recruiter, an amateur race car driver, and a student.


From using mnemonics to speed learn a language to using the 80/20 rule to be more effective.  I love finding methods to make life and work better.

How Can I Help?

Some of the ways that I might be able to help you with your business


Do you need a website for your new business or an update for your current website? My team can help whether you are just getting started or are an established business. If you are on the Big Island of Hawaii, I will be happy to meet with you personally. Learn more here: Team Ryugaku Marketing.


Japan is a large and sophisticated market. It can be difficult to break into. However, it is also a very profitable market for those who can break in. This is especially true for companies in Hawaii. My team can help you translate your products and services into Japanese and also offer consultation on entering the Japanese market. Learn more here: Team Ryugaku Marketing.

Public Speaking

I can speak to small or large groups on marketing, inbound marketing and web design, efficiency and effectiveness, language learning, living and working abroad, and study abroad


Need help increasing the traffic to your website and marketing a new product? The Internet has changed the way marketing works. The consumer now has much more power. and you need to have their permission to get their attention.  My team can do the marketing for you or I can coach your through the process. Learn more here: Team Ryugaku Marketing.


Consultations on website integration and management, marketing, CRM implementation and management, automation, and process streamlining


Have a new business idea or looking to launch your new company. I would love to discuss how I might be able to help.

Contact Me

Let me know how I can help

808 345 6714

PO Box 6662

Hilo, HI 96720