Getting More Out of Life

Education has been called the great equalizer. It creates opportunity and builds confidence. This site is dedicated to discussing the skills and ideas that can make life better. These are the skills that aren’t often taught in college, but will help you succeed in your life and your job. This site is a collection of my thoughts, experiences, and research in this area. If you are trying to figure out how to do better at work, start your own company, or learn a language; there should be something of value here.

6 Skills to Learn Now

80/20 Rule

What if I told you that the majority of work you do makes no difference? You can become much more effective by focusing on what does.

Learning to Say No

Learning to say “No” is one of the keys to time management. Saying no to things allows you to focus on the things you really care about.

Goal Setting

Goal setting helps you create and reach the important things you want to do with your life. Its hard to get somewhere without a map.

Becoming an Avid Reader

In addition to being great for motivation, nearly everything you could ever want to learn has already been written.

Basic Finance

Regardless of your profession, understanding basic finance is the key to getting the things that really matter to you.


Just about everything you do will involve people. The better you can build relationships, the better your career and life will be.

Book Reviews

Learning Resources

The Library

Free, available to everyone, books, access to computers, classes and training.


Thousands of programs and certifications from major universities, many of them free.


Great classes with certifications for marketing, web design, sales, and writing.


Audio books allow you listen to books while driving, exercising, other doing housework.



Technology, Education, Design. TED contains speeches from amazing people doing amazing things.

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