Most companies want to tell you their story, why it’s important, and how great their product is. They fight to get your attention so they can tell you all about them. In fact, most companies are so focused on talking about how great they are, they forget about you (the customer) all together.

The problem is that we don’t care about them. We care about us.

Most companies use marketing as a way to make their products and services seem better than they are. They try to use marketing to get people excited and to buy things they don’t want or need. It’s expensive in the long run and not very effective. This is especially true in the world of the internet. I can find out how “great” your product really is in just a few clicks.

What if your marketing, which ties into nearly everything your company is and does, was instead focused on your best customers? What if it focused on how to help your customers? Marketing should help you understand your customers stories. Understand how you can make their lives better.

What if your marketing was used to make better services and products and not to try and hype mediocre ones? Becoming better is a long-term strategy. You can spend a ton of money to market the crap out of a traditional movie rental business, but at the end of the day, people are gonna choose to stream their videos because its better for them. Instead of trying to trick your customers, think about what additional value you can add.

Think Of Yourself As A Company

What if you put this same concept to yourself as an individual? What if you thought about your skills, knowledge, and experience from your employer or business’s perspective? What about from your family and friend’s perspective?

Are you using marketing to become more valuable or using it to try and hide your weaknesses?

Don’t be like most companies. Figure out how to add value to those you interact with and you will create your own long-term success.

Focus on becoming amazing and doing amazing things. Especially amazing things that add value to other people’s lives. Let your customers, boss, employees, and friends share how great you are.