“We can’t always control our circumstances but we can control our attitude.”

Marvin J. Ashton

With self isolation now going on several weeks with no definite end in sight, we are all feeling the strain. A lack of work or too much work, limited social contact, dealing with kids 24/7, and all the worries of health, family, jobs, and economy. We can’t control most of this , but we can control our attitude towards it.

One possible solution is to use this time to learn new skills and upgrade yourself. I am currently learning Javascript, C#, and game development.

Humble Bundle has some amazing deals on books and software. When I say amazing, I mean on average less than a dollar a book. Humble Bundle has become one of my favorite places to buy books on all kinds of topics from personal development to computer skills. They also often have fiction bundles. In addition, a portion of every sale goes to charity.

Currently they have the following books bundles. There are time limits on each bundle.


Spring Clean Your Life– A whole range of self help, cleaning, cooking, simplifying books for starting the new year.

Work From Home– A bundle of books and programs designed to help you more efficient while working from home.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning– A wide range of books on computer and machine concepts. I think I would be most interested in “Detecting Fake News on Social Media”.

Applied Math Productivity– Not really my thing, but this is over a $1000 dollar of books for just $15 and would be useful to anyone learning any of these topics.


Dungeons and Dragons Book Bundle– Over 20 “Forgotten Realms” books for $15. I have read most of these and they are great stories for anyone who likes fantasy action.

For those who have down time, make the best out of it by upgrading your skills. There are no affiliate links here. I am posting these links because I think it is an amazing value with great materials and a portion of proceeds goes to charity.